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(Soundbite of music) INSKEEP: Many critics hated "The Blues Brothers" movie, though it is hard to understand how anybody disliked a lighthearted musical that ended with dozens of crashing police cars,

Blues Brothers held the record for the most cars smashed until its own sequel deliberately destroyed just one more. For the 1980 film’s main chase, 60 police cars were bought for $400 a piece, and.

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Along with It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, John Landis’ The Blues Brothers remains one of my favorite screwball. points out that Elwood may have a step-brother of sorts in the Illinois State.

Jun 20, 2005. Many critics hated the Blues Brothers movie, but it made enough of an. a lighthearted musical that ended with dozens of crashing police cars,

The Blues Brothers (1980) There’s a general rule of thumb in Hollywood car chases: When in doubt, wreck more police cars. And while that may be the hoariest of car-chase clichés, director John Landis.

Two brothers were arrested Friday in connection to 39 car burglaries in Haile Plantation and Blues Creek, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and Gainesville Police said. Elijah Anthony Simmons, 19,

Landis’ instincts proved correct: The Blues Brothers, when it eventually opened. the Brothers’ Bluesmobile is chased through a shopping mall by a posse of police cars, to the accompaniment of.

The Blues Brothers movie reviews & Metacritic score: Jake Blues, just out. A couple of cool blues dudes on a mission from God wreck police cars and kill nazis.

. by the rollers (AKA: cops) in the original Blue Brothers. this utility told the cops to. initiated the multi-state car chase that wrecked the most cars in movie history.

Sep 19, 2014. John Landis' 1980 classic The Blues Brothers is not just one of the greatest. new “Bluesmobile,” an old beat-up cop car that he bought at a police auction. There are hundreds of cars in this movie, and most of them get.

Jun 15, 2013. Film producer Mitch Glazer recalls: john belushi the blues brothers 3. John would literally hail police cars like taxis.The cops would say, 'Hey,

This is someone that you are taking care of and getting paid for. Eventually, they found a solution: the soulful sound of The Blues Brothers. During one particular fit, Scout Parker recalled being.

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Apr 6, 2018. The best cars chases do something surprising. made it seem fresh back in The Blues Brothers by simply wrecking more cop cruisers than any.

Two years ago, in this column, I shared my adventures of being one of the Blues Brothers. Not an actual Blues Brother, mind you, but, along with John Hoffman, we played the roles. We have the car,

But at his core, Jake will always be a Blues Brother, whether he's in a band or. communing with the divine, evading the police, and taking care of his brother.

Epic chase scenes abound from "Bullitt", "The French Connection", Ronin, every James Bond movie, "The Blues Brothers" mall chase. "Demolition Man" uses a non-autonomous car to wreak havoc through.

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Unfortunately it turns out Henderson brought his portable fire extinguisher with him, telling us: We’ve been looking at it for police applications. with taking a Blues Brothers approach to the.

Among his more than 150 movies: "The Blues Brothers," "Beverly Hills Cop," "Jurassic Park," "Gone in Sixty Seconds" and "Lethal Weapon 2." More recently, he was a stunt driver on Tom Cruise film.

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. if the police car that was chasing the Blues Brothers had a computer onboard?. of the owners of the cars they were chasing by entering the license number?

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“The Blues Brothers” set a world record for the most cars destroyed in the course of filming a memorable police chase. Aretha Franklin has one of the movie’s best scenes in her South Side soul food.

May 8, 2012. Wisdom of the Blues Brothers, Blues Brothers trivia, Blues Brothers fun facts, Lake Wazzapamani, Blues Brothers cars, Palace Hotel Ballroom, Bluesmobile. There's such a thing as “cop shocks.” It is possible to maintain.

Feb 28, 2014. Hagerty Classic Cars has picked some of our favorite cop cars in. surplus trim also served as The Bluesmobile in the film “The Blues Brothers.

Shop The Blues Brothers [SteelBook] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray] [Only @ Best. chasing the Blues brothers downtown, and destroying dozens of cop cars.

The Official Blues Brothers Revue may still be on a mission from God. you’ve driven your Bluesmobile through the middle of a suburban shopping mall or left 50 police vehicles, one atop the other,

My colleague Steve Jordon and I have worked together at The World-Herald for much of the past half-century, with a friendship like that of brothers. terrifying incident to police. Even though it.

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Another Website Dedicated To The Blues Brothers Is Called (Blues Brothers. Chicago PD was able to unload most, if not all their old police cars for the movie.

When Dan Aykroyd returns to hometown Ottawa Thursday to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Blues Brothers movie. “I had my own Chicago police car to drive around. We bought 70 of them. We made.

Dozens of Chicago Police Department squad cars crashed here after Elwood's. The buildings around here have changed a little, but avid Blues Brothers fans.

It's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. it's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. Blues Brothers. The difference, only California cars had tan interiors, while Mt. Prospect were either blue or black.

Seeing Elwood and Jake Blues evade police in a 1974 Dodge Monaco left. The Blues Brothers Band included music legends like Donald Dunn, Steve Cropper and Matt Murphy. The Bluesmobile is one of my personal favorite movie cars.

Feb 6, 1998. Determined to buy a used police car and revive the Blues Brothers Band, airborne police cars and exploding boats can't keep this from being.

Patch is a customized version of the Mount Prospect, IL Police Department shoulder Patch. The patch has a Blues Brothers theme and features images of the.

Better yet, it used to be beautiful until this week, when a drunk driver chased by police decided to evade the PoPo by driving his car straight through the busy Kazan airport building. During his.

Dec 12, 2015. They had to get special permission to do this. blues-brothers (1). For the large car chases, filmmakers purchased 60 police cars at $400 each,