Cali Rapper Chuck Taylors

Typically, it’s famous men who pair eveningwear with athletic shoes: rappers, sports stars. best to stick with your authentically beat-up Chuck Taylors.

Featuring up-and-coming acts Nu Sensei, Sam Flax, LODRO and more, much of the night was an intro course in bottom-heavy guitar pace and kicking rocks with your Chuck Taylors. As the night came to a.

Chuck Taylors were at one point worn by 90 percent of college and professional basketball players. The shoe retains a cultural cachet — among athletes, rappers and rockers alike — that is rare for a.

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The Boston-based footwear firm, part of Nike Inc. and known for its Chuck Taylors and roots in sports, has been on a collaboration tear recently with links between itself and Dr. Woo, the tattoo.

Aaron Gordon will always keep it Cali swag in classic Chuck Taylors, but when it comes to on-court kicks, the 6-9 forward brings some unique heat. While chilling at the Foot Locker x SLAM Draft Suite,

For example, in a city where Michael Jordan reigned, patrons can’t wear any Jordan Brand shoes, but Chuck Taylors and Vans are OK. I think the amount of sketchy inclusions is too high to ignore, but.

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“The Rise of Sneaker Culture” features some of the rarest. original material,” Semmelhack said of curating the exhibit. “There’s a million Chuck Taylors out there, but there’s [only] one original.

Yesterday, Joe caught up with Long Beach rapper Vince Staples for a chat at Nike’s Air Force 1 space at ComplexCon. The two quickly ran through a variety of topics, including Vince ditching hyped up.

She completed her Latina gangster look with a red bandana, Moschino bra and underwear, Dickies, and Chuck Taylors, and even got a fake Barbie tattoo on her stomach. “Gettin tatted up. Lol #senileVideo.

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In the 2000s, rapper Wiz Khalifa named his label. In this one-of-a-kind spin on the classic, Chuck Taylors and Jack Purcells are drenched in MMM’s signature white paint–covering eyelets, canvas,

More recently, the company has collaborated with brands like Hunter to make waterproof Chuck Taylors and has designed a line of water. store Slam Jam and the Kanye West-approved artist Cali Dewitt.

It’s cool, but I’m all about comfort. I skate for Converse, but I’m not wearing Chuck Taylors all the time. I was able to differentiate my on-board style from my regular style. I don’t give it too.

Basic Converse have been around for longer than we’ve been alive—since 1908 to be exact—and since then, they’ve transcended “types,” having shown up on rappers. just how rad a bright pair of Chuck.

And yet, thanks to my very insistent teenager, we were back for round four on Thursday for the penultimate night: Boston underground sensation Michael Christmas, Brooklyn chef turned stoner-rap.

It’s 4/20 and Snoop Dogg is in Las Vegas, but the iconic rapper is vowing to “lay low” on the counterculture. wax replica wore identical outfits on Monday: Dark Converse Chuck Taylors, tan pants.

If New York was soft after Snoop Dogg came through and crushed the buildings, then the West Coast has also definitely gone through its share of slumps. But Long Beach rapper Crooked I, one-fourth.

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If New York was soft after Snoop Dogg came through and crushed the buildings, then the West Coast has also definitely gone through its share of slumps. But Long Beach rapper Crooked I, one-fourth.

CONVERSE, considered to be one of the earliest makers of sneakers, recently launched its Fall 2013 Cons and Chuck Taylors All Star footwear collection. on the streets, on rappers, on icons, on.

The Compton rapper is generally boisterous. And it means a personal style rooted in L.A. gang culture: Chuck Taylors and high-water Dickies and fresh tube socks, all in shades of red, black, and.

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Dressed in Gosha Rubchinskiy socks and squeaky-clean Chuck Taylors, Khalifa stepped onto the red carpet looking relaxed and stylish. Here, a closer look at how the rapper gets red-carpet-ready the.