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Gang Gang Dance will be heading on tour behind their new album Kazuashita. The North American tour dates kick off this Saturday, June 30, in L.A. The group will also be playing cities like Chicago,

Longstanding favorites Gang Gang Dance’s fifth album Eye Contact is one of 2011’s best. You’ve heard the 11-minute opener “Glass Jar.” This video for another standout “MindKilla” was directed by the.

But sometimes, that dancey noise turns into genuine pop music that’s bent just askew. Gang Gang Dance’s transformation from collage-heavy, weirdo noise into cosmic pop truly coalesced with 2008’s.

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In the meantime, do you like Gang Gang Dance? William Hooker does. He wrote a Critic’s Pick, which goes like this: Gang Gang Dance’s compelling, beat-savvy experiment in noise-rock will surely melt.

Gang Gang Dance have never been the easiest act to pin down—and the trio’s been adrift since its wonderfully weird Eye Contact back in 2011. Theirs is the music that M83 might make if someone slipped.

Now listen to Gang Gang Dance’s ["House Jam"](http://pitchfork.com/tv/#/musicvideo/2812-gang-gang-dance-house-jam-the-social-registry ""House Jam"" ) at about the one minute mark. Sound similar? Gang.

the pulsing, alien sounds on the CD (throbbing, as in gristle) suggest the style of the visuals, while the film’s lulling edits merge with the music. Now Watch This: Gang Gang Dance – “Retina Riddim”.

but New York art-pop innovators find beauty in nature on their triumphant sixth album Arty New York trio Gang Gang Dance’s music has always been ahead of its time. Today, the back-catalogue of an.

As a proudly underground entity, Manhattan’s Gang Gang Dance seemed bent on creating one long celestial psych jam. But for 2008’s Saint Dymphna, they pared down the dubby dance experimentation and.

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In 2008, Gang Gang Dance’s breakthrough fourth album, Saint Dymphna, crystallised a manic moment, a time when blogs were abuzz with motley, abrasively joyous collisions of world and dance. Ten years.

It’s been three years since we heard from Brooklyn freak-rockers Gang Gang Dance in proper LP form, with 2008’s Saint Dymphna. Now, the band’s set to return on May 10 in the U.S. and May 9 in the UK.

After a seven-year break, Gang Gang Dance are coming back with a new album. Kazuashita is due out on June 22 via 4AD as the follow-up to 2011’s Eye Contact. The experimental New York trio have shared.

Gang Gang Dance have announced a new album. Kazuashita is their first LP since 2011’s Eye Contact. The band has also shared the new song, “Lotus.” Find it below, along with the tracklist. Kazuashita.

After a seven-year absence, New York-based experimental trio Gang Gang Dance have returned with new single “Lotus.” You can hear the song above. “Lotus” is a surprisingly straightforward song for the.