Funk Flex With The Bombs

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Funk Flex is tired of all these ghostwriters in rap. "Cardi’s consistently getting somebody else to write her shit," even dropping his famous bomb sounds to emphasize his point. He continues by.

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After a weekend spent in speculation, confusion, and outright consternation, Pusha T responded to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” live on Hot 97, courtesy of Funkmaster Flex and “The Story Of O.J.”.

The veteran producer is now attempting to orchestrate a DJ battle between DJ Clue and Funkmaster Flex. During a conversation with Clue. Tell him to bring that Clue Bomb too!!!!!" Clue would.

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The Drake vs Funkmaster Flex beef. the 6 God turned up on Flex while talking to the crowd at the club. While giving props to Power 105’s DJ Self, the "Controlla" MC threw some slick shots at the.

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After various teaser tracks, Funkmaster Flex dropped a huge mixtape with Who. Here, we handpicked 10 standout tracks from the tape that we’ve been playing on repeat. Flex is out here droppin’ BOMBS.

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The feud between Drake and Funkmaster Flex is heating up. After Flex dropped several bombs on Drizzy and calling him a “bozo” in the process, the Toronto rap star gave his answer. Here’s a brief recap.

For the better part of two decades, Funkmaster Flex has established his place as a living legend of hip-hop radio. When Flex premieres a new record on New York’s Hot 97—dropping bombs over each and.

Famed celebrity DJ and Hot 97’s infamous "bomb-dropper", Funkmaster Flex is set to get the people going at this year’s Day Party Series. Candice N. Jones Apr, 21, 2015 New York native and infamous Hip.

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Funk Flex has never been one to hold back when he has some. You know I was going to f*cking go there,” the Hot 97 DJ said with his signature Flex bombs in the background. “I can’t stand rappers.

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2 Chainz responds back to Funkmaster Flex, who recently told ESPN that Tity Boi had the worst freestyle ever on his show. This beef stems from two weeks back, when the bomb-dropping DJ appeared on.

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(AllHipHop Rumors) Oh Funk Flex! It appears that Funkmaster Flex is still NOT here. Flex went on a 23-minute rant dropping all kinds of bombs for Drake. He informed Drake that he was no threat to.

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Funkmaster Flex doesn’t have the power he once had to change people’s careers by throwing bombs on their songs, but he’s still found a way to involve himself in the hip-hop conversation. How? By.

When Funkmaster Flex starts dropping bombs, he leaves massive destruction in its wake. The other 30 percent are guys who wear sandals. I’m not concerned about you." The 48-year-old veteran DJ went.

Funkmaster Flex recently dropped a bomb on the ESPN2 show Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones. Sandwiched between talk of the Knicks, J.R. Smith’s tendency to turn up in the clubs.

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Funk Flex compares 2pac Shakur To 8 Mile’s lamest character. Funkmaster Flex just dropped a bomb on Pac fans. Complex reports that in an Instagram Live broadcast, Flex got to talking about the night.

Funkmaster Flex is about to do just that. and many more), Flex is set to drop knowledge bombs on all of us. Listen to Flex’s first interview with Big below to get an idea of what’s to come in.

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This weekend, Funkmaster Flex took to the airwaves to. Jones also responded in a new freestyle.) Most importantly, Flex interrupted his own monologue multiple times with the sound of a bomb.